Saturday, 17 April 2010

Simon's talks about Bob

Simon also gives talks about Bob and likes listening to what children say about it all. There are some more coming up soon, so there might be one near you. He's very happy to sign your books as well.

Here's a report about a talk he gave at South Shields

And here's one about his week in London and the south-east which included World Book Day. By Friday he was in Lewes, Sussex, meeting the children at Lewes Old Grammar School. Thank you to all the schools and bookshops who welcomed him. Also to the marvellous people at Simon's publishers, Templar, who arranged the whole thing.

Simon lives in Newcastle which is very useful for the Children's Book Centre there. It's called Seven Stories, and sometimes you can find an original painting of his there for all to see. Also he gives talks there. The photo below is from Seven Stories.

The people at Seven Stories painted a whole wall with a moon background so that children could add stickers. I wonder how long it will stay there.

Here (below) is Simon in his own local library in Gateshead. The people organising this lovely new library asked him if they could put some images from the Bob books on the wall. Of course, Simon said yes.

Now that Simon has finished the new picture book about Bob he can come out of his shed sometimes so that he can talk to people. In October at half-term he came down to London to visit the Word Up Festival in Dulwich, and he also spent a morning at the Science Museum where he met a lot of children who knew about Bob. Some of them had even heard about Bob at school.

First he drew them an alien and then he had another major excitement. One of the helpers at the museum asked him if he'd like to try on a real space suit so of course he said yes. Here he is, wearing the very suit which a man called Cernan had worn on the moon. In fact he was the last man to be on the moon - except for Bob, of course.

When the editor of the magazine 'TBK' saw the photos she thought they would be perfect for their caption competition.

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